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Preparedness Guide

FEMA's Are You Ready? A guide to citizen preparedness

What Does Your Emergency Pantry Look Like?

MSDH - Bioterrorism

How To Identify and Handle Suspicious or Possible Anthrax Contaminated Packages

Workplace Response to Anthrax Threat: OSHA Recommendations for Handling Mail

DOJ's United for a Stronger America: Citizens' Preparedness Guide (pdf 647KB)

U.S. Homeland Security's Preparing Makes Sense - Get Ready Now (pdf 202KB)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


Personal Preparedness Guide​

Dirty bombs, anthrax and smallpox: An informative guide for to understanding the threat and protecting you and your family.

This Personal Preparedness Guide, created by Washingtonpost.com, provides substantial information regarding preparedness as well as biological, chemical, and radiological agents. Although some of the material is geared specifically to the Washington D.C. area, the site contains very useful information.​