Mississippi Office of Homeland Security
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MOHS Response: Overview

  Faced with the challenge of strengthening the components to function as a united front, MOHS must coordinate centralized, integrated activities across components that are distinct in their missions and operations. Thus, sound and cohesive management is the key to state-wide and component-level strategic goals. We seek to harmonize our efforts as we work diligently to accomplish our mission each and every day.

Regardless of what challenges may come, we will work tirelessly to protect our state. In the face of national challenges, we are one Nation. And here at MOHS, we are one office, unified to ensure the security of all Mississippians — an office that will continue striving to protect our homeland while ensuring the strength of our economy and preserving our cherished American freedoms and liberties. To that end, we must maintain a quick and effective response to all threats.

Tirelessly Protecting Our State

Rescue teams discuss next steps in training
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