Mississippi Office of Homeland Security
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Training Events: Links

  ODP: http://www.ojp.usdoj.gov/odp - look under Training or Library

Consortium schools who specialize in training at your location.

LSU - NCBRT:  http://www.ncbrt.lsu.edu

TxA&M - TEEX: http://teexweb.tamu.edu

Mississippi State Fire Academy: http://www.mid.state.ms.us/fireacad/

Consortium schools who focus on “specialized travel too” courses.
Also, relevant “your location” training.

Bechtel, Nevada: http://www.nv.doe.gov/combatingterrorism (Rad/Nuc) Request Schedule

Center for Domestic Preparedness: http://cdp.dhs.gov (BioChem) Click Training, Calendar

NMT - New Mexico Tech: http://www.emrtc.nmt.edu (Terrorist Bombing) Click Event Schedule

Grants Link

Grants: http://www.grants.gov

 First Responder Scholarship Application with 12/31/2012 Deadline - MOHS Scholarship Opportunities

For more information:

Stephen Beard - SBeard@dps.ms.gov
Training & Exercise Coordinator

Mississippi Office of Homeland Security
Mississippi Department of Public Safety

Phone: 601-346-1511  Fax: 601-346-1521

Mail: Post Office Box 958
Jackson, MS 39205

Ship: 1230 Raymond Rd - Box 1300
Jackson, MS 39204


Learn by Doing


Rescue drill teams look over area maps

Training teams coordinatring during wilderness scenario

Officer accesses wireless Internet connection

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