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When can I start spending the grant money?
As soon as you receive the Awards Letter you are authorized to begin spending funds.​

Under the equipment expenditures, are rain suits allowed as part of the Personal Protection Equipment?
Unfortunately, rain suits are not an allowable cost under the equipment categories.​

Can I get an advance in my funding?
Yes you may obtain an advance, but the request must be in writing and explain the justification for the advance. No requests for advance of funds will be granted for less than $2,500.00, and only one advance/request is allowed per month.​

Can we combine grants from different grant years?
No, all grant years and grants in general (SHSGP, LETPP,CCP) are separate.​

Who is the grant administrator?
The person designated by the "Elected Official."​

Can we go over our allocated award amount?
No, all grants should reflect funds equal or below.​

Can I buy items not on the authorized equipment list?
In some cases, however please contact Homeland Security or send in equipment list prior to committing your funds. We will contact you if the equipment is not allowed.​

We have been awarded our funds, but would like to make changes to our equipment list. Can we?
Send in a revised equipment list for Homeland Security to review.​

After approval, how long does it take to get our awards letter?
About 14-20 calendar days.​

How long do I have to spend the money?
Refer to your award letter grant period end date.

What is the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) number and title?
For FY05-FY14, the number is 97.067 and the CFDA title is "Homeland Security Grant Program."