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Many aspects of our lives rely on the Internet and computers, including communications (email, cell phones, texting), transportation (traffic control signals, car engine systems, airplane navigation), government (birth/death records, social security, licensing, tax records), finance (bank accounts, loans, electronic paychecks), medicine (equipment, medical records), and education (virtual classrooms, online report cards, research). Consider how much of your personal information is stored either on your own computer or on someone else’s system. How is that data and the systems on which that data resides (or is transmitted) kept secure?

Cyber security involves protecting the information and systems we rely on every day whether at home, work or school.

The Mississippi Office of Homeland Security (MOHS) recognizes how important the Internet is to the citizens of the State of Mississippi and established this website to provide the public with online links and resources to assist with cyber security awareness.

The increasing volume and sophistication of cyber security threats including targeting phishing scams, data theft, and other online vulnerabilities demand that we remain vigilant about securing our systems and information. The average unprotected computer (i.e. does not have proper security controls in place) connected to the Internet can be compromised in moments. Thousands of infected web pages are being discovered every day. Hundreds of millions of records have been involved in data breaches. New attack methods are launched continuously. These are just a few examples of the threats facing us, and they highlight the importance of information security as a necessary approach to protecting data and systems. 

MOHS does not endorse specific organizations. The following links are included for your information and convenience.









MS Attorney General

Jackson Office of the FBI

MS Dept. of Public Safety/MS Bureau of Inv.

MS Office of Homeland Security


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