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Emergency Operation Center Grants Announcements:

2024 Opportunities should be released within Congressional Representatives offices early 2024 for the FY2025 funding. The MOHS received award announcements and assist with the preparation of the Federal Application, but not the local award documentation and requirements. The MOHS only helps with the award and management of the program. All applications are provided and received by Congressional Representatives. 

Current Awardees:

2022: Noxubee County EMA

2023: Lafayette County EMA

2023: Pearl River County EMA


The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Grant Program is intended to improve emergency management and preparedness capabilities by supporting flexible, sustainable, secure, strategically located, and fully interoperable EOCs with a focus on addressing identified deficiencies and needs. Fully capable emergency operations facilities at the state and local levels are an essential element of a comprehensive national emergency management system and are necessary to ensure continuity of operations and continuity of government in major disasters or emergencies caused by any hazard.

How to Apply:

Funds are requested through appropriations with support of Congressional Representative within the State. Please check with your state representative for information on appropriates requirements, timelines and deadlines for upcoming appropriations.