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**Special Emphasis Grant Opportunities:**

If you are interested in Grant Re-allocation funds, please email the Mississippi Office of Homeland Security Grants Office @


Special Emphasis Grants: At times during specific years, the Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP) may focus on a special emphasis area that is part of the National Priorities. This allows for the creation of funding for a special emphasis area such as election security, school safety, community preparedness, etc. During years that there may be a special emphasis, the MOHS will release a separate grant application for the HSGP application, to focus on a special emphasis area. These grant follow all the same regulation and processes, but may be solicited outside the regular application window (March-April).

  • Operation Stonegarden: Funds are provided for the cooperation and coordination with local jurisdictions and the U.S. Customs and Border protection program. Its is joint mission to secure U.S. borders along routes that cross international borders.
  • Re-Allocation Grants: Reallocations grants may be solicited at different times of the year, if funds becomes available and be reallocated to local jurisdictions. Agencies that may not have been funded during the initial application process will have initial applications held and reviewed for up to (1) one year, in the event funds become available. Jurisdictions may also be considered if agencies can show a terrorism gap and need for equipment and did not apply during the initial application period. 
  • Community Preparedness Grants: Community Preparedness grants are issued out the local jurisdictions that are interested in creating or refreshing Citizen Emergency Response Teams (CERTS) for both adults and students. Also part of Community Preparedness grants are the opportunity to set up Neighborhood Watch programs. 
  • Election Security: Election security grants are provided to local election security jurisdictions (circuit clerks, election commissions) for the use of specific equipment for the prevention of safety and security of voters and the public. 
  • School Safety Grants: School Safety grants are provided as part of enhancing safety and security for our schools. These grants could be used for physical enhancement, cybersecurity, and terrorism related equipment. 

Citizen Corp

Application Review and Award: Each Grant Application that is received by the MOHS goes through a lengthy review process, please see below the review process of the MOHS. The Homeland Security Grant Program applications are accessed, reviewed, and awarded completely through the MOHS.

Review Process

Grant Implementation: At the end of each application review process, the Grant Application will become a Grant Award if approved for funding. A Notification of Award is sent to all applicants that are funded or not funded. If an agency is not funded, all applications will be kept for one (1) year. If funding comes available from grant reallocation funds, the MOHS will review all previous Grant Applications and determine if previous applications can be awarded.

When a jurisdiction is awarded for grant funding, then each jurisdiction will be provided information about a required Implementation meeting. Implementation meeting will be held to go over all grant information that will be needed for the grant year. Information will be provided on what is required for the grant, how to fill out the grant award packet and grant forms that will be required for the grant year.