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Frequently Asked Questions/Additional Assistance: If you can not find assistance with the questions below, please contact our Grants Department @ (601)987-1278 or

When can I apply for grant funding? Grant Notice of Grant Opportunities are typically released on or around February 15, with the  Application releasing on or around March 1 of every year. Please check back for grant opportunities and notices on our Grants page. 

What kind of equipment can I apply for and what is allowable? Please refer to the FEMA Authorized Equipment List (AEL) for allowable equipment at: Authorized Equipment List | There is also information provided in the Funding Guidelines for each grant on allowable/unallowable equipment for the grants. 

Is there a limit on the amount of funds an agency can request? All requests should be based on agency needs and capability gaps. Funding is limited, but there is not a threshold on the amount that can be requested for HSGP funds. 

For Non-Profit funding requests, there is a current limit of $150,000.00 per location and applications can request funding for up to (3) three site locations for a total of $450,000.00. 

Must I attend the Grant Implementation? Yes, Grant Implementation is required for the awarding of the grant. Implementation meetings will share the latest information on the federal grant, provide step by step instructions on what has been revised and how to fill out the paperwork correctly. Agencies will also have the opportunity to meet grant staff and walk away with resources to make their grant year a success. 

Why do I have to fill out the National Cybersecurity Review? It is a requirement of the federal regulation for HSGP grant funding. This requirement is important for the assessment of cybersecurity threats and gaps across the county. This is a free assessment and all answers are confidential. The assessment window is open from October 1-February 28. The required assessment can be found at: Nationwide Cybersecurity Review (NCSR) (

When can I start spending the grant money? The Sub-Recipient will receive an e-mail notification from the MOHS once the grant packet has been received, reviewed and all documentation have been submitted correctly.

Can I get an advance in my funding? Yes. Advances are allowed with HSGP and Non-Profit Funds. Please provide the Request for Advance form, along with supporting documentation for the advance. Please remember that only (1) one advance at a time and all documentation must be provided before and any additional advances may be requested. 

What are the dates of the required Quarterly Reimbursement Claim and Progress Report form due?

Report Dates

Who is the Sub-Recipient Grant Administrator (SGA)? The SGA is the person that is appointed by the Signatory Authorized Official to work on the day to day operations of the grant. If a SGA leaves the agency, a new SGA will need to be appointed and a new SGA form will need to be sent in. The MOHS can only speak about the grant with persons that are designated by the Signatory Authorized Official. 

Can the Agency spend more than the allocated grant award amount? The Sub-Recipient will only be reimbursed for funds equal or below their awarded amount. Any additional costs will not be covered or reimbursed.

Since being awarded, our Agency needs to make changes to our equipment, what do we do? Please contact your assigned Program Manager on what type of modification is best for the request. There are several different types of modification from a simple item change to a full budget modification.  

How long do I have to spend the money? Grant period of performance for each grant is (1) one year, unless stated otherwise. If an agency has delays in procurement of supplies or equipment, the agency can provide a Request for Extension. All Request for Extensions will be reviewed by MOHS staff. For an extension to be approved, the agency must be current on all grant reports and grant requirements. 

What is an EHP and why do I need one? An Environmental Historic Preservation (EHP) form is a requirement from agencies to consider the effects to the environment, historical properties, and historic locations. An EHP may be required for certain types of training, building modifications, installations, or certain types of equipment. An EHP is required to be sent to FEMA, reviewed and approved by FEMA before any work can begin on a project requiring an EHP. If work is begun before the EHP is approved by FEMA, the project will be not be able to be reimbursed. An EHP form can be found: FEMA Form