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Homeland Security Grant Program Announcements:

  • FY24 Homeland Security Grant Program Applications-Closed for FY24.
  • If you missed the FY24 HSGP deadline or seeking reallocation funds, please email the MOHS Grants Dept. @

Homeland Security Grant Program (HSGP): The HSGP grant is provided to local police, fire departments and emergency operations agencies for protection against terrorism attacks.  Funds can be used for equipment, training/exercises, and supplies for awarded programs. The following information is shared in support of the Mississippi Homeland Security Grant Program.

National Priorities: Each year FEMA provides states with areas of priority that should be a focus on for the upcoming grant year. For the current grant year of FY24, FEMA has designated the following program areas, as National Priorities, with a funding requirement of thirty (30) percent of all funds must be awarded to the following areas.

National Priorities for FY24:

  1. Enhancing the protection of soft targets/crowded places. 3% minimum spending requirement.
  2. Enhancing information and intelligence sharing and cooperation with federal agencies, including DHS. 3% minimum spending requirement.
  3. Combating domestic violent extremism. 3% minimum spending requirement.
  4. Enhancing community preparedness and resilience. 3% minimum spending requirement.
  5. Enhancing election security. 3% minimum spending requirement.
  6. Enhancing cybersecurity (including election security). No spending requirement.

Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities: Each year FEMA provides states with the minimum percent that must be all allocated toward Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities (LEPTA). During FY23, state must allocate thirty-five (35) percent of all funding toward these projects.

Grant Funding Cycle:

Grant Funding Cycle

Grant Funding Opportunities:

FY24 HSGP Application will be opening Shortly. All Application documents below will be replaced with FY24. 

FY24 Application-CLOSED for FY24. If you are interested in reallocation funds, please contact the MOHS Grants Department @601-987-1278 or

Application Review and Award: Each Grant Application that is received by the MOHS goes through a lengthy review process, please see below the review process of the MOHS. The Homeland Security Grant Program applications are accessed, reviewed, and awarded completely through the MOHS.

Review Process

FY23 Homeland Security Grant Implementation: At the end of each application review process, the Grant Application will become a Grant Award if approved for funding. A Notification of Award is sent to all applicants that are funded or not funded. If an agency is not funded, all applications will be kept for one (1) year. If funding comes available from grant reallocation funds, the MOHS will review all previous Grant Applications and determine if previous applications can be awarded.

When a jurisdiction is awarded for grant funding, then each jurisdiction will be provided information about a required Implementation meeting. Implementation meeting will be held to go over all grant information that will be needed for the grant year. Information will be provided on what is required for the grant, how to fill out the grant award packet and grant forms that will be required for the grant year.

Report Dates

FY23 Grant Forms: Once a jurisdiction is awarded a Grant Award and has attended Grant Implementation, it is time to begin procurement and reporting on the grant. Please see the below forms that were provided at Implementation and will be used during the grant year. 

FEMA and Other Federal Resources: